​National Lease Solutions


vendor financing 

​​Our goal at National Lease Solutions is to provide the highest quality customer service and the most cost-effective financing solutions for your customers to increase your sales.​ 

We work with businesses that have A, B, C & D credits in all industries across the country that finance new or used equipment and titled vehicles with no age or mileage restrictions.

Short term working capital loans are also available!!! For example, if you are a vendor who is selling a $70,000 piece of equipment and the customer is only approved for $50,000. We can offer the customer a short term working capital loan of an additional $20,000 to close that sale. 

Corporation-only guaranteed approvals are available for some types of equipment with no personal guarantees required.

Tax returns and financial statements are NOT required for our simple one page, application-only program ($5,000 minimum - $100,000 maximum)

For those who need a credit decision in four hours or less, we offer an expedited vendor process. For approved transactions, we can provide terms and options for the customer to choose from, email documents to the customer or sales representative, and provide assistance in closing the transaction.

Please feel free to give us a call or send an email if you have any questions, wish to discuss a transaction, or to hear more about the National Lease Solutions process.